iPhone 4 HD Video is Here, and It’s Fantastic

First video with the iPhone 4. The quality blew me away, especially considering it’s indoors. Be sure to watch in HD.

Arcade Bowling: Skee-ball for the iPhone 2

Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? Then run, don’t walk, to pick up Arcade Bowling Lite (free) from the App Store. It’s Skee-ball any time, without a trip to the shore! An amazingly realistic experience (sans the glowing ball), designed by David Crane, creator of Pitfall! See if you can beat my high score of ...

Get Your iPhone Arm Today

I know I’d be at least 15% more productive with this:

Apple iPhone SDK is coming

Watch the Apple “March 6 Event“, introducing the developer’s kit for the iPhone (and iPod Touch, people!).  The demos, all done in under 2 weeks, are killer.  New software will be available in June. So now, who wants to donate a MacBook Pro so I can get to coding?!?!

iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware Update

Apple released the 1.1.4 firmware update for the iPhone & iPod Touch last week.  The update adds a total of zero great new features to your iPhone/iTouch.  However, I’ve noticed that my battery life has increased by about 50%!  And it is assumed this update preps your device for the (finally) coming third-party applications. My ...

iPhone Ready For Business?

Up until now, the iPhone, like most other iProducts before it, has been purely a consumer device.  But the business world is starting to realize that, “hey, this really could be useful in my company.”  Indeed, I’ve already ported a few of our line-of-business apps to the iPhone platform, and they work pretty darn well, ...

16GB iPhone Now Available

Get your high-capacity 16GB Jesus Phone at the Apple Store now for $499. 8GB model still available @ $399.  New 32GB (wow) iPod Touch now available for $499, as well.

Play Guitar On Your iPhone

It’s only a month until the iPhone SDK is released, but those wacky hackers are still at it. Witness PocketGuitar, a realistic-sounding (using sampled .WAVs, I imagine) guitar simulator. iPhone Pocket Guitar

Sean O On The Go

Sean O On The Go
Did Santa bring you a new iPhone or iPod Touch for Christmas? (You must have really been good last year) If so, it’s now easier than ever to keep up with your favourite sites — including, naturally!, Sean-O.com. The recent redesign of the site (didja notice?) looks great as-is in Mobile Safari. (Double-tapping on any ...