Linkin Park – Waiting For The End

You haven’t heard a song like this. You haven’t seen a video like this. Switch to 1080p & go fullscreen for the full experience.

iPhone 4 HD Video is Here, and It’s Fantastic

First video with the iPhone 4. The quality blew me away, especially considering it’s indoors. Be sure to watch in HD.

Hitler Downfall Meme Falls Victim to DMCA 1

It seems like Constantin Films has had enough, and has issued a mass DMCA Takedown of the popular Hitler Meme Downfall parodies. That being said, you can still view the original meta-Downfall parody, Hitler Is a Meme, right here.

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video

Best. Tourism Video. Ever. LMAO

Hitler Is A Meme 15

Welcome, visitors from The New York Times, Huffington Post, Mashable, etc. Article: The Hitler Meme You’re likely looking for my Hitler Is A Meme Downfall parody. It was pulled from the YouTubes a while back, but is still hosted at, where it was posted by Holy Taco shortly after its release. Watch it here. ...

Obama’s Never Gonna Give You Up 3

Don’t know who has the time to research, collect and arrange these clips, but the end result is hilarious. You’re about to get Barack Rolled.

Get Your iPhone Arm Today

I know I’d be at least 15% more productive with this:

I’m Voting Republican 2

Hitler Is A Meme 4

If you don’t know what “Star Wars Kid”, “Leave Britney Alone!” and “FTL” are… you might not get this video — my Der Untergang / The Downfall (meta) parody. If you do get it, then by all means favorite/rate it, and pass it along to everyone in your address book, lest you be stricken with ...

Test Your Awareness

Movie Editing Software For 5 Bucks

… after rebate of course. Nonetheless, has Sony Vegas Movie Studio+DVD 8 for $4.99 after mail-in rebates (which Buy is usually pretty good at fulfilling).  I’ve used the professional version of Vegas for years, and can say it’s the best video editing package I’ve ever worked with. If you’re into posting video on your ...

Octopus Squeezes Out Of A Jam 1

I haven’t seen anything like this… Watch as a giant octopus squeezes out of a sealed box through a one-inch hole.  Amazing.