OCNJ 2010

iPhone 4 HD Video is Here, and It’s Fantastic

First video with the iPhone 4. The quality blew me away, especially considering it’s indoors. Be sure to watch in HD.

Good Fortune

Good Fortune

Pool Picnic

Nathan is Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…

Nathan’s Christening

More Nathan Pics

We’re happy to have him home. Click here for full-size Gallery

Meet Nathan Emmett 11

Meet Nathan Emmett
Hi, I’m Nathan. I wasn’t expecting to be here for about another 2 months or so, but… here I am. I can’t wait to meet my sister Lindsay (we have the same birthday!), but being a little “undercooked”, I’ll need to stay in the hospital for a while. But that’s fine — everybody says mom ...

My Chat with a Nigerian Scammer 3

I was awoken this morning not by my alarm clock or iPhone, but rather by my lovely wife. She said I needed to come downstairs and check out this “Nigerian Spammer.” Ummm… OK, honey, you’re waking me up to read a spam e-mail?! No, this was a live person IMing me, asking for $2,000 immediately. ...

Introducing the Sean O Amazon Store 3

For friends & family looking for tech recommendations / gifts, I’ve just opened the Sean O Amazon Store. It’s chock full of the latest essential (and frivolous) tech gear. Check it out!

Lindsay on Halloween 2

The Halloween pics got stuck in my D40 for a little while, finally pried them out. Here’s me & my little kitty kat. A few others in the Sean O Gallery. From Halloween 2008

So, We’re Having A… 3

So, We're Having A...