Wireless Must-Haves – by Shave Magazine

Digital photo frames have been around for a while now, but thanks to Shave Magazine‘s article, Wireless Must-Haves, I’ve found the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame, which takes this product to a whole new level. “Create your own e-mail address for the frame to receive new pictures and then send pictures from a computer or e-mail ...

jQuery API Search – Google Chrome Extension

jQuery API Search - Google Chrome Extension
Love Google Chrome? Love jQuery? Have a look at my birthday gift to you: the new jQuery API Search extension for Chrome. Get information on jQuery methods as-you-type!

Nathan Loves Lindsay’s Pratfalls

Ocean City 2009 1

Happy Father’s Day (?) 2

F3: Fast Flickr Findr 1

F3: Fast Flickr Findr
Find photos fast with my birthday present to the internets: F3: Fast Flickr Findr   Looking for photos for your blog, MySpace, Facebook… whatever? Give F3 a try. Built with jQuery and developed quickly using JSBin. I’ll blog soon about how it was made.

Bill O’Reilly’s Selective Rights to Privacy

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60 Minutes Interview with Captain “Sully” 3

This is one. cool. cat.

My Chat with a Nigerian Scammer 3

I was awoken this morning not by my alarm clock or iPhone, but rather by my lovely wife. She said I needed to come downstairs and check out this “Nigerian Spammer.” Ummm… OK, honey, you’re waking me up to read a spam e-mail?! No, this was a live person IMing me, asking for $2,000 immediately. ...

Windows Worm Exploit

There’s a new Windows worm out there, and everyone running any kind of Windows needs to update immediately. Since this is a worm, and not a virus, it can infect your computer automatically — without you doing a single thing — and then in turn infect every computer on your home or office network. Fun. ...

Is Sarah Palin Smarter Than a Third Grader? 2

I literally LOLed at this Campaign Comment from Keith Olbermann. How can anyone vote for the ticket with this woman on it? A woman who, while seemingly genial enough, you betcha, has not grasped the fundamental aspects of the job she is running for — a relatively straightforward position at that?  A woman who has ...

Fake Palindromes

For the linguists among us, check out Falindromes: “the World’s Largest (Only) Source of Fake Palindromes”. My contribution: Stunted nuts