Wireless Must-Haves – by Shave Magazine

Kodak Pulse Digital Frame
Kodak Pulse Digital Frame

Digital photo frames have been around for a while now, but thanks to Shave Magazine‘s article, Wireless Must-Haves, I’ve found the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame, which takes this product to a whole new level.

“Create your own e-mail address for the frame to receive new pictures and then send pictures from a computer or e-mail pictures from mobile phones as soon as they’re taken.”

My first thought: What a perfect gift for grandparents. Imagine them sitting in the living room, and then all of a sudden, there pops up a brand new photo of their cherished little one. And all Mom or Dad had to do was e-mail the photo as they might usually do. But instead of sending it to Gramps, they send it right to the frame. Awesome.

Other features like built-in WiFi and Touchscreen help justify the reasonable $129.95 MSRP.

For more cool gadgets, see the rest of the article. For more on just about anything of interest to men – everything from women to fitness to cars to poker – be sure to check out Shave Magazine’s site and subscribe to be notified of weekly updates. I just did.

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