Wireless Must-Haves – by Shave Magazine

Digital photo frames have been around for a while now, but thanks to Shave Magazine‘s article, Wireless Must-Haves, I’ve found the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame, which takes this product to a whole new level. “Create your own e-mail address for the frame to receive new pictures and then send pictures from a computer or e-mail ...

Check out Drobo 1

Been eyeing up one of these for family media storage and Time Machine backups… Check it out:

Help Me Win a MacBook Air

Help Me Win a MacBook Air
I just produced a (silly) video for a contest to help win a new MacBook Air notebook computer for my wife. The winner of the contest is determined by public voting, so we need your help! It’ll take less than 30 seconds of your time. Simply visit: http://sean-o.com/waze and click the big [ Vote Now ] ...

jQuery Increment Plugin – Now with Mousewheel Support 1

jQuery Increment Plugin - Now with Mousewheel Support
The latest version of the jQuery Increment plugin (v. 0.6) now supports use of the mousewheel plugin by Brandon Aaron to increment/decrement numeric input values. Ensure scripts are loaded in the proper order (jquery » mousewheel » increment). Try it out: jQuery Increment Demo Download Increment Now See the original Increment blog post.

Tutorial: How To Create Your Own URL Shortener 52

I’ve been thinking about posting this for a while now. Then came the announcement on Sunday, from URL shortening service tr.im, that they are shutting down, effective immediately. It brought to light the issues with relying on the cloud. Admittedly, this is not as devastating an announcement as your trusted e-mail, or even photo hosting, ...

Introducing the Sean O Amazon Store 3

For friends & family looking for tech recommendations / gifts, I’ve just opened the Sean O Amazon Store. It’s chock full of the latest essential (and frivolous) tech gear. Check it out!

Microsoft Surface – Tabletop As Computer

If you haven’t heard about or seen the Microsoft Surface demos yet (where is your rock, exactly?), here’s a quick overview. Thanks AlfaMale

The Mixtape Is Back With Mixwit 1

Rock out this weekend with my first mix: Can’t Stand Still, a collection of “party rock”. Then, why not make your own mix?  Just go to Mixwit, sign up, and search for the songs you want to add.  The tape templates & animation (check it out below) are a stroke of genius.

BlackBerry (& others) For ONE PENNY

** TODAY ONLY ** Get great phones like the BlackBerry Curve, RAZR2, BlackJack II, even the AT&T Tilt for $0.01 after rebate, with two year activation! This is a hot deal, valid 4/24 only! Link to Offer

Ten Thousand Cents

Check out Ten Thousand Cents, a Mechanical Turk project.  Each participant was paid a penny to draw one section of a hundred dollar bill.  Ten thousand of these images, at one cent apiece, make up $100 (clever).  U.S. users spent just under 3 minutes, on average, creating their little slice.  That’s less than $0.20/hour for ...

Plan Your Room Online in 3D 1

Looking to do some spring cleaning & rearranging?  Check out myDeco’s 3D Room Planner.  “Try real 3D furniture in your room, choose paint, wallpaper, flooring and accessories.”  Click the Get Started link to begin.

The Real Facebook

This depiction of Facebook is almost entirely accurate (careful kids, the language is quite NSFW).