BlackBerry (& others) For ONE PENNY

** TODAY ONLY ** Get great phones like the BlackBerry Curve, RAZR2, BlackJack II, even the AT&T Tilt for $0.01 after rebate, with two year activation! This is a hot deal, valid 4/24 only! Link to Offer

Free: New Shick Quattro Titanium Razor

While I’m holding out for the razor with 11 blades — that will shave my face, chest and armpit hair simultaneously — I’m settling for a free Quattro Titanium from Shick. Even though it’s actually a Cinco, as it features a fifth, “leading (bleeding?) edge”, blade.

Save With Amazon Coupons

Here’s a nice list of Amazon Coupon Codes – new for 2008. Get $5, $10, $15 off or more on lots of food products — beverages, snacks, Kashi, SlimFast, and more. Sadly, purchasing these products do not help Lindsay’s college fund (you can always do that by shopping from the Amazon search box at the ...