Yearbook Yourself 1

Yearbook Yourself
Ahh, the memories. I remember my Class of 1970 Yearbook, like it was just a few minutes ago. Don’t recall where your memories are stashed? Then just Yearbook Yourself. UPDATE: The user submissions are starting to come in. Here is “Lindsay”, Class of 1952. Got a funny pic to share? Post a link in the ...

Get Your iPhone Arm Today

I know I’d be at least 15% more productive with this:

Colbert Report: O’Reilly Outburst Parody 1

Steven Colbert insta-parodies Bill O’Reilly’s outburst on the set of Inside Edition. How does he keep a straight face? He never breaks. Not once.

The Real Facebook

This depiction of Facebook is almost entirely accurate (careful kids, the language is quite NSFW).

Free Screen Cleaning 1

After using your computer for a while, you may start to notice your monitor getting dirty. This is common and dust, dirt, and liquid can all besmirch your display. Well here is a free screen cleaner you can use to get rid of all the gunk that’s been building up. Simply maximize your browser window ...

Babies: Dos And Don’ts 2

We have many friends who are celebrating recent additions to the family. (Hi Kenneth, Allie, Chase and Keaton) And so for them, I present a few of my favorite child safety tips from the hilarious book Safe Baby Handling Tips: It’s like MSDS sheets for babies!

SCTV – Night School Hi-Q

Sometimes I forget how funny SCTV was… “A small vice-like object?” LOL

Conan’s Rock Band

Conan O’Brien as Jean Stapleton as Edith Baines-Bunker as Adam Horowitz of the Beastie Boys singing Sabotage with his crew on Rock Band. Priceless!

Mouth Eyes

Mouth Eyes
Mouth eyes? Yes, mouth eyes. Check out these photos — at times creepy, hilarious, or surprisingly normal-seeming at first glance.