Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show 1

Jon Stewart has Jim Cramer the quietest you’ll ever see him. Obviously Cramer is not the real villain here, but he sure has fiddled while Rome burned.

R.I.P. George Carlin 5

One of the greatest pundits, wrapped in the guise of comedian, of the 20th century — George Carlin died Sunday at age 71. Here’s a few minutes from his last HBO special, taped earlier this year, on dying: (very NSFW) George, we know you’re down there, smiling up at us.

Colbert Report: O’Reilly Outburst Parody 1

Steven Colbert insta-parodies Bill O’Reilly’s outburst on the set of Inside Edition. How does he keep a straight face? He never breaks. Not once.