Hitler Downfall Meme Falls Victim to DMCA 1

It seems like Constantin Films has had enough, and has issued a mass DMCA Takedown of the popular Hitler Meme Downfall parodies. That being said, you can still view the original meta-Downfall parody, Hitler Is a Meme, right here.

Actual Video Footage of the Hudson Plane/Helicopter Crash

From an Italian tourist: Q: Why was he focusing in on the helicopter before the crash?

Colbert on John Yoo Hiring at Philadelphia Inquirer 1

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Phillies Announcer Harry Kalas Dies 1

R.I.P. Harry the K. We’ll never forget your call of the Phillies’ last out in the 2008 World Series:

Leave The Beheading To Us 1

Getting decapitated is something I don’t usually think of when riding the bus.  But it happened to one poor Canuck last night on a Greyhound en route to Winnipeg.

The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch, the professor of “The Last Lecture” fame, passed away overnight.  In case you haven’t seen it on GMA, Oprah, or other news outlets, here it is.

Awww… Nuts!

Just what did Jesse Jackson say he wanted to do to Barack Obama? His what now?

No Dog For You

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, you won’t be able to find a tasty dish of “fragrant meat” (aka Dog) at the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

R.I.P. George Carlin 5

One of the greatest pundits, wrapped in the guise of comedian, of the 20th century — George Carlin died Sunday at age 71. Here’s a few minutes from his last HBO special, taped earlier this year, on dying: (very NSFW) George, we know you’re down there, smiling up at us.

Unbelievable Tornado Photo 2

Imagine looking out your front door and seeing this. That’s what happened with Lori Mehmen of Orchard, Iowa. What a shot!

R.I.P. Tim Russert

Tim Russert passed away today at work of a heart attack (per early reports) at age 58.

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