The Curveball Illusion

Check out this optical illusion on The Break of the Curveball. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, the illusion is effective.¬†Click “reversal” to have your eyes deceive you once again. via Terry O’Day on Facebook

Phillies Announcer Harry Kalas Dies 1

R.I.P. Harry the K. We’ll never forget your call of the Phillies’ last out in the 2008 World Series:

Bush Is a Huge Olympic Beach Volleyball Fan 5

President Bush really enjoys the view, watching Kerri Walsh, a leader of the U.S. Olympic Women’s Beach Volleyball team. (corrected, thx S.G.G.)

Olympic-Worthy Acrobatics

As we get ready for China to host the Olympic Games, check out these Chinese Acrobatics perform amazing feats of balance, strength and coordination on the Russian Bar. Thanks, Pop

Philadelphia Eagles: Super Bowl or Bust? 2

Philadelphia Eagles: Super Bowl or Bust?
John Smallwood from the Philadelphia Daily News has an insightful take on the Philadelphia Eagles and their upcoming 2008 season. This team is built for success… now. Will it be achieved? Possibly. I see a 10-6 season with a first-round playoff win ahead. But we are still a stud WR & sack producing D-Lineman short ...

No Dog For You

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, you won’t be able to find a tasty dish of “fragrant meat” (aka Dog) at the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

It’s Tee Time 1

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but the Flyers have succumbed to the superior puck handling of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Their defense was too slow & stodgy for the likes of Malkin & Crosby. Biron, who shone against the positional shooting of the Montreal Canadiens, seemed to be left frozen at times as the ...

Time To Get All Flyered Up

This series against the Penguins won’t be easy without All-Star defenseman Kimo Timonen, and with Miss Sidney Lee Crosby on the other side of the ice. But take a few minutes and enjoy highlights from the great series vs. the Canadiens before Game 1 tonight.

There Will Be Blood

Boy, there’s enough crap on to keep you occupied for a week… While there, I found this hockey video – dubbed “The Worst Fight In Hockey History”. Warning: Not for the squeamish! The Worst Fight In Hockey History – Watch more free videos

The Long Lost Philadelphia Eagles Rap

Wow. As D-Mac from Philadelphia Will Do put it: “oh my God, this is the greatest thing in the history of bad music and sports.“ One of the best Philly sports teams ever. In one of the most god awful productions ever. Presenting your 1988 Philadelphia Eagles — many of whom (Jerome, Reggie, Andre) are ...

Phillies’ Kyle Kendrick Traded To Japan? 1

Kyle sure seemed to think so. The reporters almost blew it… Even made the real news. “Kobayashi” — the diminutive hot dog eating champ — didn’t tip him off… Thanks David!

Only 17 Points?!

Tom Brady laughs at Plaxico Burress’ Super Bowl XLII scoring prediction for the Patriots. I must get those Patriots logos as .GIFs!