Michael Phelps: A True Sportsman

Perhaps you missed this during NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Michael Phelps displays his sportsmanship after winning by 00:00.01:

You Thought John McEnroe Was Bad 1

…arguing a call? Well, check out Angel Valodia Matos of Cuba and his reaction to being disqualified from his Tae Kwon Do match at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is, quite simply, an animal, and should be banned from the sport for life.

Olympic-Worthy Acrobatics

As we get ready for China to host the Olympic Games, check out these Chinese Acrobatics perform amazing feats of balance, strength and coordination on the Russian Bar. Thanks, Pop

Kanye West @ The Grammys 2008

What a cool performance of Stronger/Hey Mama from the ever-entertaining Kanye West at the 2008 Grammys last night. Where do I get me some of those shades?! Watch this quick before it gets pulled. UPDATE: It got pulled within 12 hours. But nothing ever dies on the internet, it just pops up somewhere else. Enjoy…