Beastie Boys Brings the Hot Sauce

Check out the entire Hot Sauce Committee Part Two album right here:

Linkin Park – Waiting For The End

You haven’t heard a song like this. You haven’t seen a video like this. Switch to 1080p & go fullscreen for the full experience.

Trololol – Best. Song. Ever.

Transcending all language barriers… because it has no language.

The Mixtape Is Back With Mixwit 1

Rock out this weekend with my first mix: Can’t Stand Still, a collection of “party rock”. Then, why not make your own mix?  Just go to Mixwit, sign up, and search for the songs you want to add.  The tape templates & animation (check it out below) are a stroke of genius.

Life’s Gonna Suck

A St. Patrick’s Day song (?) from the ever-irascible Irishman, Denis Leary. Thanks Mom

Kids Songs Sung By Rock Stars 1

Kids Songs Sung By Rock Stars – Watch more free videos Thanks, Kevin

The Long Lost Philadelphia Eagles Rap

Wow. As D-Mac from Philadelphia Will Do put it: “oh my God, this is the greatest thing in the history of bad music and sports.“ One of the best Philly sports teams ever. In one of the most god awful productions ever. Presenting your 1988 Philadelphia Eagles — many of whom (Jerome, Reggie, Andre) are ...

Kanye West @ The Grammys 2008

What a cool performance of Stronger/Hey Mama from the ever-entertaining Kanye West at the 2008 Grammys last night. Where do I get me some of those shades?! Watch this quick before it gets pulled. UPDATE: It got pulled within 12 hours. But nothing ever dies on the internet, it just pops up somewhere else. Enjoy…

Play Guitar On Your iPhone

It’s only a month until the iPhone SDK is released, but those wacky hackers are still at it. Witness PocketGuitar, a realistic-sounding (using sampled .WAVs, I imagine) guitar simulator. iPhone Pocket Guitar

I Hate American Idol

…says PhillyBurbs‘ Dave McGurgan. Yet, it seems he is being paid to watch and review it. Often scathingly. Here’s a brief interview with Dave on WPHT radio last night: