Philadelphia Eagles: Super Bowl or Bust? 2

Philadelphia Eagles: Super Bowl or Bust?
John Smallwood from the Philadelphia Daily News has an insightful take on the Philadelphia Eagles and their upcoming 2008 season. This team is built for success… now. Will it be achieved? Possibly. I see a 10-6 season with a first-round playoff win ahead. But we are still a stud WR & sack producing D-Lineman short ...

Best Super Bowl Commercial — Will Ferrell / Bud Light

The best of the bunch, followed by Bud Light “Cheese”, then the eTrade talking baby.

Bummer, Brady

It was all worth it to see this ending to Super Bowl XLII: Now what was that final score again?

Super Bowl XLII Bets

Here are my wagers on The Game. What do you think? UPDATE: 9/1 baby 😀

Super Bowl XLII Quiz

Download and take the Super Bowl XLII Big Game Quiz, courtesy of my buddy Duane. Simply guess each NFL team from the clues given. There are a few easy ones to get you started, but others are sure to have you racking your brain. No peeking at a list of teams!