Obama Democratic Nomination Speech in Minnesota

In case you missed it last night, here’s another rousing speech (the entire speech, in 3 parts, ~30 minutes) from Barack Obama as he announces his win of the Democratic Nomination in St. Paul, Minnesota. One of the notable lines: “What you won’t hear from our campaign is the kind of politics that uses religion […]

7 Ways To Spend Your Economic Stimulus Payment

Beginning this week, the IRS will begin distributing Economic Stimulus Payments (or “tax rebates”) to 130 million households. If you made more than $3,000 & filed your taxes last year, you’re getting one. Single people can expect $600. Married folk: $1200 + $300 per child. That’s a significant chunk of change. “So what do I […]

Obama’s Speech On Race

You’ve probably heard about Barack Obama‘s speech on race, delivered in Philadelphia earlier this week. If you have about 1/2 hour — you can watch the entire speech here. Say what you will about him, but the man is an orator. Kudos for coming out and saying that most whites are the descendants of immigrants, […]

The Baltimore Cop Vs. Skater Video

Here’s the clip making the news today — a skateboarder in Baltimore is “harrassed” by a police officer. Police brutality? Hardly. This defiant punk obviously has no respect for authority, and the cop (who is admittedly a bit of a jerk) simply needed to take control of the situation. Guess what, ya little sk8er twerps: […]

The Housing Meltdown

Here’s a great article from Business Week about the Housing Meltdown. At 5 pages, it’s an extended read, but worth it.  Full of facts on everything from histories of real estate pricing to the imminent dispelling of the myth that home ownership is the golden ticket to wealth in America.  Personally, I’m quite looking forward […]