Obama’s Speech On Race

You’ve probably heard about Barack Obama‘s speech on race, delivered in Philadelphia earlier this week. If you have about 1/2 hour — you can watch the entire speech here.

Say what you will about him, but the man is an orator. Kudos for coming out and saying that most whites are the descendants of immigrants, who’ve had to work for everything they’ve got. Also of note is that whites should stop worrying about “losing” jobs to minorities or immigrants, when jobs are being genuinely lost — never to return — to dirt cheap laborers overseas. If he’s sincere, that’s being an American.

Thanks Chris

5 replies on “Obama’s Speech On Race”

  1. First, video of a barium swallow. Then, video of Presidential candidate Barry Obama. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Maybe footage of schoolchildren calling Governor Spitzer a clown (as featured on Jimmy Kimmel a few months ago)?

  2. The brother can talk! But tell me ,if he is so “American”, why won’t he pledge allegiance to the flag or put his hand on the Bible if he is sworn in?

  3. Besides many other sources… check out snopes.com to know that Dizz is repeating an urban myth (designed to smear Obama). To be clear, he DOES pledge allegiance to the flag… and, for crying out loud, I think we all know that he’s a church-going Christian!

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