Apple iPhone SDK is coming

Watch the Apple “March 6 Event“, introducing the developer’s kit for the iPhone (and iPod Touch, people!).  The demos, all done in under 2 weeks, are killer.  New software will be available in June. So now, who wants to donate a MacBook Pro so I can get to coding?!?!

The MacBook Air 1

The newest Apple notebook – the MacBook Air. 3 pounds and 3/4″ thin.It’s got all the latest & greatest: Core2Duo processor, LED display, Wireless N, etc. — same as my Dell XPS M1330. But most interesting to see with this is what Apple can make out of the multi-touch trackpad beyond enlarging & reducing photos…

SteveNote Expo Game

With less than 36 hours to go till Steve Jobs’ MacWorld Keynote, now is probably a good time to help Steve prepare for his next big presentation in this surprisingly detailed Flash game.