Bubble Spinner 5

Sheesh, Twitter & Facebook have been monopolizing my online attention lately. But hey, it’s Friday, the sun is shining here on the Right Coast, let’s have some Flash Fun with Bubble Spinner.

Fun With Physics – Civiballs

Funny name. Fun game. Civiballs. Cut the chains to drop the colored balls into their respective containers.

Arcade Bowling: Skee-ball for the iPhone 2

Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? Then run, don’t walk, to pick up Arcade Bowling Lite (free) from the App Store. It’s Skee-ball any time, without a trip to the shore! An amazingly realistic experience (sans the glowing ball), designed by David Crane, creator of Pitfall! See if you can beat my high score of ...

Time For Turkey Killin’

No, I’m not talking about scheduling an interview with Sarah Palin… I mean a roundup of fun Flash games that’ll help you whittle away the last few working hours of this week. Turkey Shot – You need to be a good shot here Turkey Shoot – Like the “Sherry-o-meter” twist People Shoot – Turkeys exact ...

The Eyeballing Game

Friday Fun Test your skills and see if you can make right angles, parallelograms and bisect angles just by “eyeballing” it.

Play With Yourself

Play With Yourself
noooo, not like that … it’s Chronotron, a game in which you’ll need to work with your past sel(f/ves) in order to advance to the next level.

Puzzle Farter

Today’s Friday Fun game is such a gas. Puzzle Farter

Friday Fun: Amateur Surgeon

Get your scalpel on in this week’s Friday Fun installment: Adult Swim‘s Amateur Surgeon. Dig the animation style and humor.

Magic Pen – Draw Your World

In what looks like an 80% “repurposing” of Crayon Physics, Magic Pen is a puzzle game that allows you to draw your own freeform physical objects in order to manipulate existing objects — namely, nudging the red ball to the flag. But in a unique twist, you can create pins & hinges (which, in practice, ...

Marble Madness!

Raise your hand if you remember the game Marble Madness. Uh huh… 1, 2… ok. Well, today’s Flash Friday should help you get your nostalgia on… Contour takes the Madness and gives it a great twist. Instead of moving the orbital sphere itself to the destination, you must raise the ground beneath, and let gravity ...

Shift Your Thinking For This Game 1

On this special Leap Day edition of Flash Friday, you’re invited to play Shift. At first glance, it’s a straightforward “get your guy to the exit” game. However, to get anywhere, you’ll have to shift your thinking. Lou, here’s one you can chew on for a while…

Mixed Up Words

It’s Friday. Go play some MEBULJ.