Play With Yourself

Play With Yourself
noooo, not like that … it’s Chronotron, a game in which you’ll need to work with your past sel(f/ves) in order to advance to the next level.

Puzzle Farter

Today’s Friday Fun game is such a gas. Puzzle Farter

Friday Fun: Amateur Surgeon

Get your scalpel on in this week’s Friday Fun installment: Adult Swim‘s Amateur Surgeon. Dig the animation style and humor.

Magic Pen – Draw Your World

In what looks like an 80% “repurposing” of Crayon Physics, Magic Pen is a puzzle game that allows you to draw your own freeform physical objects in order to manipulate existing objects — namely, nudging the red ball to the flag. But in a unique twist, you can create pins & hinges (which, in practice, ...

Marble Madness!

Raise your hand if you remember the game Marble Madness. Uh huh… 1, 2… ok. Well, today’s Flash Friday should help you get your nostalgia on… Contour takes the Madness and gives it a great twist. Instead of moving the orbital sphere itself to the destination, you must raise the ground beneath, and let gravity ...

Shift Your Thinking For This Game 1

On this special Leap Day edition of Flash Friday, you’re invited to play Shift. At first glance, it’s a straightforward “get your guy to the exit” game. However, to get anywhere, you’ll have to shift your thinking. Lou, here’s one you can chew on for a while…

Mixed Up Words

It’s Friday. Go play some MEBULJ.

Spin The Black Circle 2

Flash Friday brings a good one this week: Spin The Black Circle. Just use your Left & Right arrow keys to guide your orb to its destination. The first few levels are easy, with helpful instructions provided, to boot. After that, you’re on your own… ┬áLINK UPDATED

Block, Lock And Pop It

Block, Lock And Pop It
Play Block2Lock, a “slide the block out” puzzle game. It’s designed for play on the iPhone, but works just as well on your PC.

Cursor 10: Cooperate By Oneself?!

That’s the tagline of this game. At first, it would seem that all you have to do is click on the stairs to reach the next level up — the goal being to reach Level 16. However, you only have 10 cursor lives, and each one has a time limit. And with each new cursor ...

SteveNote Expo Game

With less than 36 hours to go till Steve Jobs’ MacWorld Keynote, now is probably a good time to help Steve prepare for his next big presentation in this surprisingly detailed Flash game.

Test Your Traveler IQ

Huh? Anyway, it’s Flash Friday. Test your geography skills with this fun game. Get the locations on the map as close as you can, as quickly as you can. Thanks, Dad!