Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show 1

Jon Stewart has Jim Cramer the quietest you’ll ever see him. Obviously Cramer is not the real villain here, but he sure has fiddled while Rome burned.

The Credit Crisis Visualized 1

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo. Well-produced and well-explained.

Introducing the Sean O Amazon Store 3

For friends & family looking for tech recommendations / gifts, I’ve just opened the Sean O Amazon Store. It’s chock full of the latest essential (and frivolous) tech gear. Check it out!

McCain is Lame, Doesn’t Know Who Reigns in Spain 3

Listen as John McCain refuses to answer a direct question numerous times in an effort to mask the fact that he does not know Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain. In his evasive responses, it almost sounds as if McCain is lumping him in with “those who would do harm to our country”, and that he’s ...

7 Ways To Spend Your Economic Stimulus Payment 6

Beginning this week, the IRS will begin distributing Economic Stimulus Payments (or “tax rebates”) to 130 million households. If you made more than $3,000 & filed your taxes last year, you’re getting one. Single people can expect $600. Married folk: $1200 + $300 per child. That’s a significant chunk of change. “So what do I ...

My New, Deserted Neighborhood

MSNBC touches on an under-reported side effect of the housing crisis — underdeveloped, abandoned communities.  Places (Philly area featured) where hopes were high, but prices higher.  All the gold has been mined, and what’s left is a ghost town.