McCain is Lame, Doesn’t Know Who Reigns in Spain

Listen as John McCain refuses to answer a direct question numerous times in an effort to mask the fact that he does not know Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain. In his evasive responses, it almost sounds as if McCain is lumping him in with “those who would do harm to our country”, and that he’s not even sure what continent Spain is on. Unbelievable.

Of course, this is only the latest in a string of McCain camp strategies to habitually recite talking points, no matter the situation, and no matter the relevance to the direct question being asked, in an effort to mask incompetence or lack of knowledge. (see also: Palin’s complete “stump the candidate” dodging of the “what specifically is your Foreign Policy experience” at the Town Hall meeting)

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  1. Un-freakin-lieveable.

    As Palin pointed out, let’s tackle Russia and any other country that chooses to cross us!

    That means you, SPAIN! With your BULLFIGHTING and your PAELLA…. think you’re so GREAT!

    We’ll show you…

  2. It must be a real burden being such a genius!
    Jose Luis Rodrigues Zapatero WILL fight with the BULL but not terrorists in his own country or elsewhere. He’s a leftist coward. Here’s what else they have in Spain, Many, many, many, many, muslims, because there’s not nearly enough of themselves to replace for jobs. They don’t want to have children. Children are a burden to many Europeans. It would serve you well to do some foreign study.
    Obamas’ foreign policy:
    Tea in Tehran and Americans must learn french or he’ll be embarrassed.
    I’ll take a war hero with courage any day. When we’re hit again it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Obama is not the best man for the job…Wake up!

  3. Cindy. Yeah. Fight everyone.
    Spend all our money fighting everyone. We don’t need to spend it here. You’re right, screw talking and working out proper coalitions to force regime change from the people up.
    Hmm .. maybe it’s our hunger for oil, forced power and occupation in the middle east that drives the religious fighters to attack in the first place. We’re causing the problem.

    Personally, I think if McCain gets in office, there’s going to be some attacker that will take him out to put that inexperienced hick from Alaska in office. You know, she can see Russia from Alaska, and that’s foreign experience. Mooseburgers and high-porkbarrel earmarks for all. Maybe we can tax, get high earmarks for local projects and keep it in an endless cycle.

    That’ll end our Financial crisis.

    Lastly. So Republicans are ANTI-regulation .. but with some limited regulation, we wouldn’t have the financial crisis we’re in? hmm … tough one. Paying financial companies 100Bill each for a bailout is a much better idea.

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