It’s OK To Stare At The Sun

… as long as you’re looking at the gorgeous pictures of the Sun from’s Big Picture blog. My favorite:

NASA Space Walk Live

Watch the NASA Space Walk, broadcasting live (as of 2pm ET)

Watch the Mars Phoenix Landing 2

Well, an artist’s rendering of it anyway, as I’m not aware of a ground crew set up for filming. Watch the Phoenix arrive at Mars, deploy its braking parachute, jettison its heat shield, fire its thrusters, land, unfurl its solar panels, deploy its instruments, scoop up some of Mars, and begin its analysis. See more ...

Lunar Eclipse 2008 2

Here’s one of my first shots of the Lunar Eclipse 2008, taken just after 9pm ET from just outside of Philadelphia: I just posted it on Digg —┬áif you like it, Digg this. And add to Thanks!