Watch the Mars Phoenix Landing

Well, an artist’s rendering of it anyway, as I’m not aware of a ground crew set up for filming.

Watch the Phoenix arrive at Mars, deploy its braking parachute, jettison its heat shield, fire its thrusters, land, unfurl its solar panels, deploy its instruments, scoop up some of Mars, and begin its analysis.

See more images from the Phoenix at its web site. You can even follow Phoenix updates as they occur on Twitter at

Thanks, Pop

2 replies on “Watch the Mars Phoenix Landing”

  1. Attention sean-o. Your criticisms of Comcast must stop. I will not warn you another time. Thank you. And Have a Good Day.

  2. So incredible. This was the first landing since the moon landing that used retro rockets. It’s an amazing feat of sequencing. GO NASA!

    Hey.. did they get the crapper on the space station fixed yet? I heard it takes 2 additional astronauts and 10 extra minutes to take a leak on the space station. Mmm.. sounds like an experience of a lifetime.


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