More Nathan Pics

We’re happy to have him home. Click here for full-size Gallery

It’s OK To Stare At The Sun

… as long as you’re looking at the gorgeous pictures of the Sun from’s Big Picture blog. My favorite:

Our Day Trip To New York City

Sean + Mel in NYC

Our Chilly OCNJ Weekend

A few weeks ago we took an overnight trip to OCNJ — just to get away, and to root on David, who ran in the Ocean Drive 10 Mile Run (and finished in the top 100). Chilly OCNJ Weekend

Eliot Spitzer’s Ladyfriend 2

The Smoking Gun has the photos of “Kristen”, the high-priced call girl who brought down a governor. Yowza.

David Hernandez Pics

… it was only a matter of time. Umm, less than 2 days. has the David Hernandez male stripper pics. He actually sounded pretty good, by the bye. Especially for doing a Celine Dion song, for crissake. Still, it’s David Cook — my pick from the beginning — FTW. They could release his(?) version ...

American Idol Hottie: Amy Davis

We’ve had Katherine McPhee on Season 5, then Antonella Barba last year. This year on American Idol there is no clear standout babe, but there are a handful of ladies to keep male viewers interested. One of those is Amy Davis. And has posted a shrine gallery of photos of Ms. Davis. Not a ...

Lindsay’s Second Birthday Party Pics

Pics are posted from both of Lindsay’s 2nd birthday parties. She really is lucky to have so many people that love her. And we’re beyond lucky to get to call her our little valentine. Perhaps you’ve seen her on CBS?!

Jill Wagner At The Philly Auto Show 2

My buddy went to the Philadelphia Auto Show last weekend and got a couple of snaps of Jill Wagner, aka the “Mercury Girl“. What a fox! Pic 1 | Pic 2 Good shootin’ Joe!

Image Stabilize Your Camera… For A Buck

Clever trick using physics to keep your camera steady and put an end to blurry shots. $1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera – Lose The Tripod

Mouth Eyes

Mouth Eyes
Mouth eyes? Yes, mouth eyes. Check out these photos — at times creepy, hilarious, or surprisingly normal-seeming at first glance.

End Of Year Photo Spectacular 2

You can always view my entire gallery at any time, just click the PHOTOS link up top. Happy New Year! — SEAN O