American Idol Hottie: Amy Davis

We’ve had Katherine McPhee on Season 5, then Antonella Barba last year. This year on American Idol there is no clear standout babe, but there are a handful of ladies to keep male viewers interested. One of those is Amy Davis. And has posted a shrine gallery of photos of Ms. Davis. Not a handful. Not a dozen. But 175 photos on 30 pages — everything from backstage candids to show screencaps to sultry model poses.

Remember, it’s someone’s job there to collect and organize all this… and to write the captions. Poetry in motion:

  • What’s this crap? Let’s see more SKIN!!!!!!
  • I see belly button lint.
  • and the oh-so-eloquent: “Hooray for boobies!

Maybe they should hold some sort of… I dunno… caption contest for this? ; )

Who do you think is the AI babe this year? 

Amy Davis - American Idol

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