Babies: Dos And Don’ts 2

We have many friends who are celebrating recent additions to the family. (Hi Kenneth, Allie, Chase and Keaton)

And so for them, I present a few of my favorite child safety tips from the hilarious book Safe Baby Handling Tips:

Safe Baby Handling Tips 1Safe Baby Handling Tips 2Safe Baby Handling Tips 3Safe Baby Handling Tips 4

It’s like MSDS sheets for babies!

2 thoughts on “Babies: Dos And Don’ts

  1. Reply Cora Feb 12,2008 4:48 pm

    Hahaha, thanks! I remember when you guys got this book and how funny it was. We’ll have to keep these tips in mind.

  2. Reply Kenneth Feb 13,2008 11:25 pm

    Yo, thanks for the shout-out — which has gotta be me first (as a soon-to-be-four-month-old :).

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