jQuery Increment Plugin – Now with Mousewheel Support 1

jQuery Increment Plugin - Now with Mousewheel Support
The latest version of the jQuery Increment plugin (v. 0.6) now supports use of the mousewheel plugin by Brandon Aaron to increment/decrement numeric input values. Ensure scripts are loaded in the proper order (jquery » mousewheel » increment). Try it out: jQuery Increment Demo Download Increment Now See the original Increment blog post.

Windows Worm Exploit

There’s a new Windows worm out there, and everyone running any kind of Windows needs to update immediately. Since this is a worm, and not a virus, it can infect your computer automatically — without you doing a single thing — and then in turn infect every computer on your home or office network. Fun. ...

iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware Update

Apple released the 1.1.4 firmware update for the iPhone & iPod Touch last week.  The update adds a total of zero great new features to your iPhone/iTouch.  However, I’ve noticed that my battery life has increased by about 50%!  And it is assumed this update preps your device for the (finally) coming third-party applications. My ...