Friday Fun 1

… can be had outside today.  Go on, get off your keister.  Nothing goin’ on here anyways.

Ten Thousand Cents

Check out Ten Thousand Cents, a Mechanical Turk project.  Each participant was paid a penny to draw one section of a hundred dollar bill.  Ten thousand of these images, at one cent apiece, make up $100 (clever).  U.S. users spent just under 3 minutes, on average, creating their little slice.  That’s less than $0.20/hour for ...

No Updates Till Monday will be on hiatus for the rest of the week as we tend to family concerns. In the meantime, I’ve (finally) posted the entire Sean-O history of posts — dating back to 2005(!) — for your perusal. Check it out under Archives over there on the right-hand sidebar. Thanks, see you next week. –SEAN

Life On The Left

Please welcome the newest member to the Blogroll: Life On The Left.  I think the initial list of topics — crafts, food, fun, politics, raw, vegan — are a good indication of what to expect.

Baked Goods (And Common Sense) Gone Wild 1

The story goes… We had a going away party yesterday for a lady at our office. One of the supervisors called the local Wal-Mart and ordered a cake. They asked: “What do you want written on the cake?” He told them : “‘Best Wishes Suzanne’… underneath that: ‘We will miss you'”. And as this picture ...

Block, Lock And Pop It

Block, Lock And Pop It
Play Block2Lock, a “slide the block out” puzzle game. It’s designed for play on the iPhone, but works just as well on your PC.

The MacBook Air 1

The newest Apple notebook – the MacBook Air. 3 pounds and 3/4″ thin.It’s got all the latest & greatest: Core2Duo processor, LED display, Wireless N, etc. — same as my Dell XPS M1330. But most interesting to see with this is what Apple can make out of the multi-touch trackpad beyond enlarging & reducing photos…