Hitler Is A Meme 4

If you don’t know what “Star Wars Kid”, “Leave Britney Alone!” and “FTL” are… you might not get this video — my Der Untergang / The Downfall (meta) parody. If you do get it, then by all means favorite/rate it, and pass it along to everyone in your address book, lest you be stricken with ...

No Updates Till Monday

Sean-O.com will be on hiatus for the rest of the week as we tend to family concerns. In the meantime, I’ve (finally) posted the entire Sean-O history of posts — dating back to 2005(!) — for your perusal. Check it out under Archives over there on the right-hand sidebar. Thanks, see you next week. –SEAN

Sean O On The Go

Sean O On The Go
Did Santa bring you a new iPhone or iPod Touch for Christmas? (You must have really been good last year) If so, it’s now easier than ever to keep up with your favourite sites — including, naturally!, Sean-O.com. The recent redesign of the site (didja notice?) looks great as-is in Mobile Safari. (Double-tapping on any ...