Hitler Is A Meme

If you don’t know what “Star Wars Kid”, “Leave Britney Alone!” and “FTL” are… you might not get this video — my Der Untergang / The Downfall (meta) parody. If you do get it, then by all means favorite/rate it, and pass it along to everyone in your address book, lest you be stricken with cooties.

Heading out camping for the long weekend. Back on Tuesday. Enjoy your holiday, everyone.


UPDATE: Sadly, my video has been removed by the Copyright Ges… er, Police after just receiving just under 60,000 views in 3 weeks.  I guess parody has no place under the DMCA.

4 replies on “Hitler Is A Meme”

  1. Congrats on making the big time… and returnin’ to your roots, where you came from, man! Maybe you should spoof NWA’s classic and do something like “Straight Outta Sean-O”… Crazy… Named Sean-O, I’ve got a hard drive, I’ve got an LCD screen, ….

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