Hitler Is A Meme

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Article: The Hitler Meme

You’re likely looking for my Hitler Is A Meme Downfall parody. It was pulled from the YouTubes a while back, but is still hosted at Break.com, where it was posted by Holy Taco shortly after its release. Watch it here.

Being labeled a “superb parodist” is quite a compliment, and I’m humbled. Thank you, Virginia!

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Hitler is a meme – parodie La Chute

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  1. Brilliant, again showing Mel Brooks’ wisdom when he noted that the only effective response to Hitler was to laugh at him.

    Now for you, brilliant, brilliant work. “Superb Parodist”

  2. Thanks for making this piece so easy to find for us NYTimes readers. Very funny – AOL, internets – wonderful!

  3. Sean,

    I finally, finally got a chance to view this. I’m sorry I was so late to the party. This is brilliant!

    Congrats on the recognition you deserve!!!

  4. Good work, I didn’t realize it was you that started the meme. I actually started a website for these videos in case you want to see some of the other ones people made http://hitlerme.me .

    (It’s not finished yet but it’s getting there.)

    Cheers, Dave.

  5. Too bad you caved in to the takedown on Youtube. You have a right to send a counter notice that it is fair use, and youtube will put it back up, but then you take responsibility.

    Now the status of the other videos might be subject to debate, because they are not parodying Downfall, but rather some other situation using Downfall as a tool. Or at least the studio could argue that — there are good arguments that the parody only works because of the over-the-top anger of the scene.

    But yours is in a place by itself. You are parodying the phenomenon the use of the film, and so you can’t help but use the film. It’s a clear fair use in my view, and I think you could have stood by it if you wanted to.

  6. You can still do what Brad did – send a counter notice that it is fair use – e.g. by using Brad’s notice as a template and sending off a quick email. You’re too scared? I’ve sent off takedown notices and counter-notices; IANAL.

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