iPhone Ready For Business?

Exchange on iPhoneUp until now, the iPhone, like most other iProducts before it, has been purely a consumer device.  But the business world is starting to realize that, “hey, this really could be useful in my company.”  Indeed, I’ve already ported a few of our line-of-business apps to the iPhone platform, and they work pretty darn well, even over the pokey EDGE connection.

The biggest piece of the puzzle is e-mail.  Many businesses run Microsoft Exchange, which is currently not supported by the iPhone’s mail client.  But with the forthcoming SDK release (which will almost certainly be delayed to March 6th from the Jobs-himself-promised February release date), Exchange support may should be just around the corner.  Hopefully, along with a To-Do List app.

This could do wonders for Apple’s stock price (AAPL) as well, which has take a beating these last few months after rising vertically for much of last year.  Market the Jesus Phone as an enterprise utility, and the one-off sales can turn into hundreds, thousands or more overnight…

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