Lindsay on Halloween 2

The Halloween pics got stuck in my D40 for a little while, finally pried them out. Here’s me & my little kitty kat. A few others in the Sean O Gallery. From Halloween 2008

Puppy Love


So, We’re Having A… 3

So, We're Having A...

Hitler Is A Meme 15

Welcome, visitors from The New York Times, Huffington Post, Mashable, etc. Article: The Hitler Meme You’re likely looking for my Hitler Is A Meme Downfall parody. It was pulled from the YouTubes a while back, but is still hosted at, where it was posted by Holy Taco shortly after its release. Watch it here. ...

Windows Worm Exploit

There’s a new Windows worm out there, and everyone running any kind of Windows needs to update immediately. Since this is a worm, and not a virus, it can infect your computer automatically — without you doing a single thing — and then in turn infect every computer on your home or office network. Fun. ...

Is Sarah Palin Smarter Than a Third Grader? 2

I literally LOLed at this Campaign Comment from Keith Olbermann. How can anyone vote for the ticket with this woman on it? A woman who, while seemingly genial enough, you betcha, has not grasped the fundamental aspects of the job she is running for — a relatively straightforward position at that?  A woman who has ...

Wasilla, Alaska – Real America!

Hilarious spotlight on the rhetoric & hypocrisy.

Why Obama?

“A short animated piece about the preferrability of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential Election.”

The Eyeballing Game

Friday Fun Test your skills and see if you can make right angles, parallelograms and bisect angles just by “eyeballing” it.

It’s OK To Stare At The Sun

… as long as you’re looking at the gorgeous pictures of the Sun from’s Big Picture blog. My favorite:

The Result of Fearmongering, Crystallized

This is what happens when you run a campaign based on distortions, lies and fearmongering.  This is what happens when you continually ask “Who IS Barack Obama?”, implying that he’s not “one of us”.  This is what happens when just about every commercial, every stump speech, every FW: FW: Fw: email claims that his opponent “pals ...

So… Have You Heard? About the Word?

How about a break from the political stuff? Everybody’s heard… about the Word… Watch the first 10 minutes of the full episode on Hulu to get the full, hammer-it-home effect.