Time For Turkey Killin’

Bush's Turkey

No, I’m not talking about scheduling an interview with Sarah Palin

I mean a roundup of fun Flash games that’ll help you whittle away the last few working hours of this week.

Hitler Is A Meme

Welcome, visitors from The New York Times, Huffington Post, Mashable, etc.

Article: The Hitler Meme

You’re likely looking for my Hitler Is A Meme Downfall parody. It was pulled from the YouTubes a while back, but is still hosted at Break.com, where it was posted by Holy Taco shortly after its release. Watch it here.

Being labeled a “superb parodist” is quite a compliment, and I’m humbled. Thank you, Virginia!

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Hitler is a meme – parodie La Chute

Windows Worm Exploit

There’s a new Windows worm out there, and everyone running any kind of Windows needs to update immediately.

Since this is a worm, and not a virus, it can infect your computer automatically — without you doing a single thing — and then in turn infect every computer on your home or office network. Fun.

So, if you’re reading this on a Windows machine, go to Windows Update right now, grab the latest updates, and reboot.

Is Sarah Palin Smarter Than a Third Grader?

I literally LOLed at this Campaign Comment from Keith Olbermann.

How can anyone vote for the ticket with this woman on it?

A woman who, while seemingly genial enough, you betcha, has not grasped the fundamental aspects of the job she is running for — a relatively straightforward position at that?  A woman who has a 1 in 4 chance of succeeding to the most powerful leadership position in the world?

Would a manager at McDonald’s hire a teenager would couldn’t wrap their head around the intricacies of the Fry Making Machine?

My friends, it is all a big joke.  A joke.  The GOP has made a mockery of the presidential campaign process.  And Republican voters (like me, only voting for 1 Democrat this year: Mr. Barack Hussein Obama) should be angered and insulted that this is their “best ticket”.

Somewhere, Mitt Romney is smiling and shaking his head…

The Result of Fearmongering, Crystallized

This is what happens when you run a campaign based on distortions, lies and fearmongering.  This is what happens when you continually ask “Who IS Barack Obama?”, implying that he’s not “one of us”.  This is what happens when just about every commercial, every stump speech, every FW: FW: Fw: email claims that his opponent “pals around with terrorists” — insinuating, of course, that Obama himself IS a terrorist.

Say something enough times, and it starts to sound true.  Especially to easily swayed, gullible, lower-class folk like this woman.  “My friends”, this is what happens:

Kudos to John McCain for nipping this one in the bud. He started shaking his head as soon as the “A” word was mentioned, and quickly dismissed the notion.  As to whether this — along with the lynch-mob-esque cries of “terrorist”, “traitor”, and “kill him!” at rallies — will be a wake-up call to his campaign as to the effects of the rampant smears?  That remains to be seen.

My guess is: No.