Olbermann’s Special Comment on 9/11 (TM)

Once again, Keith Olbermann knocks one into the upper deck with this Special Comment. He calls out the Republican Presidential campaign for exploiting 9/11 (despite being the party in charge at every level at the time of the attack) and John McCain for claiming to know how to catch Osama Bin Laden, but only at the end of next January, if he is elected president.

A personal note: watching the “tribute” videos at the RNC, Cindy & John McCain bragged about how they told each other they were older and younger than they were, respectively, when they met.  Tee hee!  Oh… wait… this is the party of FAMILY VALUES.  And they’re telling the entire world on the teevee that their relationship began with lies from each side.  The affair that began while John McCain was still married to his first wife.

The sheer hypocrisy, double-speak, fear-mongering, misdirection and outright lies of the Republican party and John McCain during this campaign are purely reprehensible.  And the white-hot focus on, and airtime devoted to, this superficial bullshit like “flag pins” and “lipstick” (and boy, what an ignorant, pandering oaf this Jane Swift is, eh?) only serve to insult and enrage every half-intelligent person in the country.

Do you agree?

As for the video, Take 8 and observe, this is a must-watch.

McCain Ads Reach A New Low

Un-be-lievable. The depths the McCain campaign is sinking to. Watch the ad:

“BARACK OBAMA WANTS TO TEACH YOUR 5-YEAR-OLD ABOUT SEX. DID I MENTION HE IS BLACK AS WELL? OH, AND A MUSLIM? We are the party of Family Values. And that family, especially the Palins, is growing bigger every day. Come join the team that fights for YOUR family. The only team with God on its side.”


Obama, you need to FIGHT back. Today. With more than just a statement from a spokesman.

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Forget What I Said Before. No, Really

The writers at the Daily Show must have a massive database of video clips and their textual annotations to be able to parse them all to find gems like this.  Watch Karl Rove as he heaps praise upon Sarah Palin for her governing experience in the fine metropolis of Wasilla, Alaska.  This after, oh wait, Karl Rove trashed Virginia governor Tim Kaine for only running the town of Richmond, Virginia.  Other flip-flops are featured in the clip.

Surely all politicians are adept at saying what’s right for the moment, but the Republicans are making history (re-writing it?) doing so in this 2008 Presidential election.

Experience Matters! Well, For The Other Guys Anyway

Great clip of CNN’s Campbell Brown trying to get a single straight answer about Sarah Palin‘s executive experience. It quickly becomes obvious that McCain aide Tucker Bounds has no response, and instead resorts to continually regurgitating party talking points.

The Republicans have clearly decimated their own best argument against “lack of experience.”

Nothing But Tears

I think Johnson & Johnson’s new baby shampoo, Nothing But Tears, is a refreshing change of pace, and may help stem the tide of these spoiled rotten kids.

“You’ll notice a difference after just one use,” said Michelle Baker, head of new product development. “Whether it’s your newborn’s more hardened appearance, the way he now approaches people with guarded skepticism, or just that look on his face that says, ‘Oh wait, maybe life isn’t all hugs and kisses and rainbows. Maybe I need to get my fucking act together.'”