Lindsay gets Prank’d!

…”so I pranked him to death with a tire iron!”

Oh Little
Lindsay.  For her being in the news so often, you tend to forget
that she’s still just a silly little 19-year-old girl.  Jason
Lewis… no, not the Jason Lewis…  Wait, who the hell is Jason Lewis?!

Anyway, this guy who has the same name as this “celebrity” took advantage of that fact and used it to chat with and meet (albeit briefly) Ms. Lohan!

Hope he enjoys his 15 minutes of ‘fame’…

p.s. I’m old enough to remember when Lindsay was a babe:

but now look at her!

Google Analytics

Google this week launched Google Analytics to their ever-booming list of offerings.  I’m sure companies like NetIQ are none too happy about this…

It seems to work pretty well, although the data is taking a few days (rather than hours) to appear on reports.

Kings Krushed

On an evening that featured not one, but two
sets of quads (!), the action last night was fast & furious. 
And a lot of fun.  It all came down to a wild hand featuring an
inside straight… vs. the nut inside straight… both rivered by a full house!

Hopefully we continue to have such nice turnouts as we shoot for maybe a game every other week to accomodate our schedules.

 I can’t believe I let Russ bluff me off my pocket Kings!