Talking ’bout… crazy cool medallions…

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Just saw a reference today to the Barry Gibb Talk ShowThis is still one of my all-time favorite SNL sketches!  And one where Jimmy Fallon & Horatio Sanz don’t actually make each other giggle like idiots.

[Barry] I’m not Bill O’Reilly!! You start any SMART TALK with ME, and I will END IT!! I didn’t go to your hasty pudding, “Let’s all dress up like girls” school! I grew up on the streets of SYDNEY!!
And no matter where I am in the studio-o-o-o.. I’m never more than
fi-i-ve seconds away from a gu-u-unn! Uh, Robin.. do you
have… anything… to a-a-add?

[Robin] No.  No I don’t.

Comedy Gold, Jerry. GOLD!

Mr. Roboto

I currently have an eBay auction (exp 12/7) for the cool Robosapien toy robot.  As one on my loyal readers, you get a heads up here first!  And… that’s not all… if you act now, you can pick this up (or anything else on eBay) for 10% off with the code C11-GIFTGUIDE if you use PayPal.

If anyone wants it, email me ASAP so I can remove the auction.

My computer is running so slow…

Everyone’s got spyware — present company included!  All it takes is one wrong click sometimes…

That’s why I’m listing the 3 antispyware programs you need to be running right now!  They’re free
and easy to download, install and use.  You should do full scans
after installing (and updating) each one.  Then schedule at least
weekly scans (Microsoft scans each night at 2am, by default).

  1. Microsoft Antispyware

    The slickest and easiest to use.  Runs in realtime to help protect against the bad guys.

  2. Ad-Aware

    The gold standard.  Hasn’t been updated in a little while, but still finds a lot of the nasty programs.

  3. Spybot Search & Destroy

    Kind of an odd interface, but is a fairly quick scanner and one you need in your toolbox.

Feed that 529!

Just wanted to holla back at all the
“sharks” on Party Poker and Bodog…  My firstborn appreciates all
you’re doing in your efforts to send him/her to college.  Keep watching that TV poker!  You could be the next (insert no-name player who made it big this year).  Snicker.

These guys are giving me the confidence to start preparing to go to the World Series of Poker 2006
(Consider this an early headsup, future sponsors!)  Don’t know if
I’ll receive enough support to participate in the Main Event (a $10,000
buyin that may have a top prize of $10 million next year, BTW!), but I plan on entering at least two of the lower-level $500-$1500 buyin events.

It’s OK if you’re pretty

Debra “Hot (for) Teacher” Lafave gets zero years in jail
for ‘lewd and lascivious behavior’ for seducing her teenage
student.  Her (ex-)husband was on Good Morning America, and was
pissed.  He said her lawyers argued “She’s too pretty to go to
jail”, and apparently the judge agreed — sentencing her to 3 years
house arrest and 7 years probation.

In other news, things are looking up for Pamela Turner:

It’s over Johnny… It’s OVER.

McNabb?  Out for the season.
Sheppard?  Out for the season.
Fraley?   Out for the season(?)
Pinkston?   Out for the season.

McDougal?  Out for the season.
Buckhalter?   Out for the season.
Johnson?   Out for the season(?)
T.O.?  Hey, we’re only halfway through his suspension… 😛

Tough to win games when all your Aces have been pulled out of the deck…

Well, this year is officially an extended
training camp.  Get some of the younger players in there, see what
they’re capable of.  Andy, try out some new trick plays (when’s
the last time we’ve seen a good trick play that worked?!).  Our
winter is now that much freer, but we still have the opportunity to see
some exciting (if meaningless) games if Andy Reid & Crew see this
season for what it really is.

Flying South for the winter

Well, we all knew McMahon would have a
tough go at it today, but you couldn’t see it being this bad. 
However, it’s only halftime, and the only Giants points have been on a horrible interference
call and a blocked punt (that Hodges should’ve recognized and at least
attempted a desperation rollout/pass).  The defense is holding up.

Maybe if they get his helmet fixed…
Eagles helmet
UPDATE: 27-17.  They need to fix this team