The latest sensation that’s sweeping the nation

UPDATE II: Make that 2:16

UPDATE: Make that 3:27

Yep, it’s Sudoku.  Pronounced (SOO’ duh koo)… or is it (soo DO’ koo)… or…
A puzzle game by any other would be as… time-wasting 🙂

If you search for it online, you’ll find a ton of hits.  But there’s one great web site that is the best place to play.


Web Sudoku

  • track your stats (average time, best time)
  • check for errors
  • choose puzzle difficulty
  • it’s free! no registration, login…

It takes a little getting used to at
first, but after only a few puzzles, you start to develop an ‘eye’ for
it.  Try and beat my fastest time of 3:59!

Now that the fat lady has taken her bow…

Well, at least they made a game of it.  You just knew that, despite winning the coin toss, they were not going to be able to get the ball near scoring position.
(an aside: I’ve never heard a richer ‘thunk‘ then Akers’ crossbar hit last night!)

First off, time for some housecleaning.

Once the dead weight that is: Reno Mahe, Mark Simoneau, and Greg Lewis are gone, we can start to look for some capable replacements.

Next… how about we look for a ummm… I don’t know… wide receiver?! 
With you-know-who gone, and Toddie “Too Hottie” Pinkston our #1 guy
next year, we’re doomed for years of mediocrity to come if changes aren’t made.

Securing your PC

There are many steps
you can take towards securing your PC.  I mentioned three
venerable AntiSpyware programs last week.  You should also have a
high-quality, always-running, always-updated virus scanner (I’ll delve
into those in the coming weeks).

But the easiest thing you can do, right now, is to stop using Internet Explorer.

The “ActiveX”
functionality, while created with the best of intentions, simply opens
your computer up to so many attacks, and can infect your computer instantaneously, that it is simply doing you more
harm than good.  You need to switch.

Start using the Firefox Web Browser.

Beginning next year, I will stop supporting people who contact me, telling me they’ve got the latest spyware, while using IE!

So, please, click the
big white button on the right-hand column (under Security).
NOTE: Each (free!) installation benefits the Baby
O’Neill College Fund :))

It only takes a few minutes to
download & install — even on dialup.  You can import all your
regular bookmarks, cookies, etc.  Search Google from anywhere with
the handy Google Toolbar.  Plus, enjoy the benefits of
tabbed browsing.  Load 2, 5, 10 sites into one browser
window!  And since Firefox does not use ActiveX, it’s a huge
protection against the b*stards out there who have nothing better to do
than to cause hours and hours of frustration.

Fertile Grounds

My sister Chris is trying to have a baby with the help of
IVF. The news has
been very good this week, and she is "shamelessly soliciting prayers" that things
continue to go well!  Seven eggs for you boys, go get ’em!

UPDATE: Chris is undergoing the insertion as I typeGood luck, SIS!!

UPDATE II: 4 fertilized eggs have been transferred!  More info in 2 weeks…

The guys in the dark green jerseys

I’d rather have the guys in the dark green jerseys versus the ones in black jerseys who showed up tonight… hell, I’d take the Handicapped Sisters of the Poor!
  The first half was simply unimaginable.  It was almost a
replay of the Kansas City game — only this time without half the
starting offense
— guys named “McNabb” and “Owens”.

I haven’t looked at the final score yet, but I have a funny feeling I know what happened!

After delivering his halftime speech
honoring Reggie White, a handful of Eagles trainers swarm on #12,
Randall Cunningham and whisper in his ear.  He listens for a few
moments, slowly nods his head, and begins a hasteful trot to the dark
green locker room.

In one of the most spectacular comebacks
in NFL history, the Eagles pull off a 38-35 miracle on a last-second
David Akers field goal.

I just know that’s what’s in the cards!
Going to check for the final score now…
(closes eyes)