Hyperpolitics: What Happens When All Are Connected

Insightful talk from a smart fellow, Mark Pesce. Follow the path of socialization and its impact from millenniums ago to the current day of 43 billion text messages. 25 minutes that is well worth your time – watch on your lunch break. Or if you prefer, you may read the transcript.

Lindsay Tells a Mickey Mouse Story

The reason my Father’s Day is already a “Hot Dog Day”, and it’s not even noon yet. This is Lindsay at 2 years, 2 months — an impromptu performance that had us cracking up at her imagination and inflections. At her 2-year checkup, the doctor asked, “Does she talk? Does she know 20-25 words?”. Errm, […]

Obama Democratic Nomination Speech in Minnesota

In case you missed it last night, here’s another rousing speech (the entire speech, in 3 parts, ~30 minutes) from Barack Obama as he announces his win of the Democratic Nomination in St. Paul, Minnesota. One of the notable lines: “What you won’t hear from our campaign is the kind of politics that uses religion […]