3 replies on “894th in His Class… Out of 899”

  1. Well… at least he’s not likely to ever state that he invented the internets.

  2. Speaking as a US American, I believe that John McCain knows more about computers than the people living in modern-day Czechoslovakia.

  3. Great post on the HuffPo about John Mac…

    There is no preparation for the position of President of the United States. We have already proven that a man with absolutely no preparation at all, a man who ducked his National Guard duty in 1972, whose closest encounter with team sports was “cheerleader”, who bankrupted four oil companies, cannot speak coherently without a teleprompter or back stage prompter via earphone, can be president

    Now we worry that Barak Obama, an articulate man with brains and ability who actually cuts a presidential appearance and can speak of national concerns on the world stage without a staged, hand-picked audience, isn’t up to the job. Bah!

    We forget that part of the brains behind the presidency is the quality of the people the president brings into office with him. GWB surrounded himself with cronies, politicos, and dishonest Party lobbyists who have given us scandal after scandal, an attorney general unable to understand that torture is not an American value, a vice-president so corrupt that he makes Sprio Agnew look like a petty check forger.

    Now tell me what you want?? Do you really want an Imperial Presidency that bases its quest for unlimited power on corporate backing and public silencing of disrespect for symbols of power (Fascism). Do you want to be an Empire with all the money and blood it takes to continue to be at war across the globe?

    Want to be a real American? Defend the Constitution, not the Administration.

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