He’s Just Not That Into Me


Well, this was a first.

For the first time in over 20 years as a member of the digital universe (save for my foray into online dating):

I’ve been rejected as a potential “friend” online.

It was bound to happen, sure. But I didn’t expect it from someone I had actually met in real life. And had over for poker in my home.

Now, I completely understand his rationale. The person in question lives in the L.A. area and hangs in celebrity circles; He gets phone calls from Ben Stiller, and I’d seen photos of him at the house of the beautiful Jenna Fischer (born just one week after me, BTW). Also, he has close to 3,000 MySpace friends. So I imagine he wants to keep the fanbois on MySpace, and leave Facebook as a place for those he is closest with. Quite understandable.

This interesting response still came as a bit of a surprise. Which makes sense, because he is an interesting guy… which… is why I wanted to keep up with him in the first place! I throw up a little in my mouth when I think of joining MySpace, so that’s not happening. If only he were on Twitter

Well, in any event, no hard feelings, Joe. Good luck in your travels. And say hi to Jenna for me. Big fan.

(hmm, is she on Facebook…?)

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