Watch Hundreds Of Great Shows… Without Cable

Now that the teevee writers are back on the job there is should be tons of great television to be seen.  But what if you don’t have cable or satellite service?

Well, head on over to’s list of 4 great TV alternatives that can be enjoyed right from the very chair you’re sitting in — and requires broadband internet, naturally.  From cable-only shows to network TV programs to hit-or-miss internet-only fare, the sites and programs on this list should keep you entertained for quite some time.

I will add my own bonus #5 to this list: OpenHulu — a “backdoor” into the Hulu site, which is still in private beta.

2 replies on “Watch Hundreds Of Great Shows… Without Cable”

  1. Cool finds. To make it even better…

    It seems like the trick (that will make _somebody_ wealthy, at least) is to invent a way where you can remotely-control a browser (from the comfort of one’s couch)….

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