Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

Kurt & FrancesMy wife and I were recently discussing Frances Bean, child of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) & Courtney Love (Hole, general skankery). Today, I came across this article — via Truemors — which suggests that this now 15-year-old (15!) might become the new face of Chanel.

Frankly, she looks much more like an average high school kid, kind of a ‘husky gal’, and not a model at all. Shouldn’t this girl just go to school and try to have as much of a normal life as she can, given her ancestry?!

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  1. frances bean is only doing what she feels she wants to do. And courtney love would be proud of you calling her a skank. 🙂 I hate people like you. tehe. Shouldnt you be at work, rather than writing about dead punks kids and wives? go find something else to do.

  2. I agree with riotgrrl. Why can’t you guys just back the @#$% off and worry about your own kids. And i think that courtney should have custody back. As long as she hasn’t introduced her to drugs then ppl shouldn’t worry about it.

  3. You two are dumbasses. This is one persons oppinion. And courtney is a skank anyway. I agree with this dude, I don’t think Kurt would have been proud of her. You’ll never stop people from talking. I love Kurt, but I hate Courtney. She’s a dumb bitch. I wish Kurt would have known she was using him before it was too late =(

  4. BTW, you don’t bitch out Wikipedia for having Kurt’s bio do you? Well if you bitch at him for posting this but not Wikipedia for posting Kurt’s life story your a hypocrite. He’s entitled to his oppinion. It’s not like he’s like “Frances is a dumb slut and her parents should be ashamed.” or anything. He’s just saying what she’s doing (like a bio) and throwing in his modest oppinion at the end.

  5. @beba1 courtney should NEVER have custody of any child EVER!!! She’s a skank, she’s ugly and quite honestly, I’m quite positive SHE killed Kurt (rip) that dumb bitch should be in jail right now!

  6. oh and btw, how DARE you say she shouldn’t be modeling just because she’s not perfect, fuck you.

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